Our Objective

  1. Carry out studies, research, and projects for the promotion of girl child education in the less privileged communities in Uganda, promotion of good cultural practices and Heritage and, implementation of programs of NGO that aims at building peace and well beings of the beneficiaries, in accordance with laws of Uganda and that Governs partnerships.
  2. Manage activities of identifying, selecting, and promoting Talents among Teenagers and sponsor specialized training with the aim of fostering Sustainable Development goals in the communities and Ugandan as a country to accomplish the SDG4 goal (Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning for all).
  3. Promote public-opinion awareness campaigns on topics falling within the activities of the institution, as well as on the problems of developing countries and of the areas of intervention, also through the publication and distribution of periodicals, documents, research works, and any other informative material;
  4. Endorse and implement programs of disaster prevention and conflict prevention and resolution;
  5. work as an agency at the service of – and/or collaborate with – persons, bodies, institutions, organizations, national and international authorities, and companies that want to work in the sector of decentralized and international cooperation;
  6. Adhere to and/or participate directly in organizations, unions, bodies, national and international federations with the same and/or similar and/or akin purposes and objectives;
  7. In order to achieve the above-listed objectives, the organization may participate in consortiums, foundations, associations, and bodies in general with similar purposes, either from their constitution or later on, be they already existing or to be created, with their headquarters in Uganda and/or abroad. The Foundation can carry out any activity or operation that is considered necessary, convenient, or in any case useful to achieve its aims, including all the economic and financial operations.